Revive your Dissolved Entity to Back in Good Standing!

If your corporation/LLC was forfeited due to failure to make the necessary payments or maintain a registered agent often leads to the company being suspended, forfeited, or administratively dissolved. If you would like to continue to do business, you will need to revive your corporation/llc by filing Articles of Revival or Articles if Reinstatement to bring it back to good standing. You are required to keep your company in Good Standing to operate business.

Reinstatement can be referred as below:

  • ⦁ Back or establish again to operate business
  • ⦁ To bring back into use or existence
  • ⦁ Reinstatement allows a previously terminated company back into use of existence
  • ⦁ To bring your company in good standing you are required to file all your past due tax returns along with payment.

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