Corporate Kit and Seal

Corporate kit

A Corporate kit is a binder containing essential items for the maintenance and administration of a corporation or an LLC. Once your corporation has been formed, you must comply with corporate formalities. These formalities include holding initial and annual meetings of directors and shareholders, adopting bylaws, and issuing shares of stock. Our KIT contains the necessary items to make complying with these formalities easy.

Corporate seal

Corporate seal is a device made to either emboss or imprint certain company information onto documents. The seal usually includes the company’s name, date and state of formation. Corporate seals are often required when opening corporate or LLC bank accounts, distributing stock or membership certificates or conducting other corporate business.


Minutes are the written record of a meeting of Shareholders. They often give an overview of the structure of a meeting which includes a list of those present, a statement of the various issues and their responses.

Member Certificate

Member Certificate these certificates are typically given to the members of the LLC as evidence of ownership in the LLC and as official proof of ownership.

Stock Certificate

Stock Certificate these certificates are typically given to the Shareholders’ as evidence of % ownership in the Corporation.

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