Get information on coronavirus (COVID-19) tax relief for businesses and tax-exempt entities.

Employee Retention Credit Available for Many Businesses Financially Impacted by COVID-19

The Employee Retention Credit is a refundable tax credit against certain employment taxes equal to 50% of the qualified wages an eligible employer pays to employees after March 12, 2020, and before January 1, 2021. You can get immediate access to the credit by reducing the employment tax deposits you are otherwise required to make. Also, if your employment tax deposits are not sufficient to cover the credit, you may get an advance payment from the IRS.

Get details on the retention credit.

Coronavirus-Related Paid Leave for Workers and Tax Credits for Small- and Mid-Size Businesses

The Families First Coronavirus Response Act PDF gives all American businesses with fewer than 500 employees funds to provide employees with paid leave, either for the employee’s own health needs or to care for family members.

Get details on paid leave for employees.

NOL Carrybacks of C-Corporations

Get answers about NOL Carrybacks of C Corporations to Taxable Years in which the Alternative Minimum Tax Applies.

Tax Exempt NOL Carrybacks

Get more information about the carryback of NOLs by certain exempt organizations.

Payroll Support for Air Carriers and Contractors

Get answers about tax treatment of the air carrier payroll support payments.

Topics for Tribes

Specific questions for tribes

Review these resources if your tribe or tribal entity operates a trade or business:

Online Tax Help

Online resources for small business and self-employed taxpayers:

Online resources for tax-exempt and other entities:

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